It can also be the source of some pretty funny jokes.

In a future with AI we will have to work and interact with robots. Jokes can help to create this cooperation mood we need to develop breakthrough and useful innovation.

Some jokes you can tell to your friend the robots, hoping they will laugh:

What is a robot’s favorite type of music?

Heavy Metal !

Who’s robot’s favourite author?

Anne Droid !

What do robots eat at lunchtime?

A Mega Byte !

Why was the robot embarrassed?

Because it had hardware and software but NO underwear !

Fir you to know and hopefully you to laugh, some jokes that the robots tell about the humans:

Human brain is like the Bermuda Triangle. Information goes in it and then, it’s never found again!

Human brains are amazing. They function 24h a day from the time they were born and only stops when they have exams or are in love.

More funny jokes about the robots or the human brain, don’t hesitate to share with the community. It can only help to build good relationships with our friends the robots.

My book on ow to deal the AI, as a manager, will be released in French in March 2020. English version to follow. I will keep you posted


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