Less of AI toys and more of AI proven cases.

par | Avr 15, 2020

We will stop the COVID 19 but we will not stop the disruptive transformation as brought by AI.

Nevertheless, COVID 19 will change the agenda for the digital transformation, as reported by Daniell Fagella from Emerj.

In a nutshell we could say:

Fewer far-fetched projects or projects designed to impress the gallery.

More AI proven use cases. e.g.:

– better risk management, payment fraud detection,

– predictive maintenance,

– improved client and consumer behaviours, etc.

In Covid 19 times, focus your IA ressources on the existing business process you can fundamentally reengineer with AI and with a direct impact on your top and / or bottom line for Q3 and Q4 2020 ! That’s the new horizon line for your prioritisation. Do it now. It will improve the resilience of your company to Covid 19, taking some altitude from the ground.

Get here the report from Daniel Fagella from EMERJ 

More ideas in my book Manager 3.0, Sept principes pour gérer le changement induit par l’intelligence artificielle (Iggybook Editions Paris – available JUNE  2020). To stay tuned christian.dujardin@keraway.be


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